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  • Does US Steel Buildings provide engineered stamped drawings and foundation plans for me to obtain a permit?
    Yes...We can supply both stamped engineered building plans and stamped foundation plans that meets your county code and regulations.
  • How long once I order my building should I expect to receive it and my engineered plans?
    Typically, you will receive your stamped engineered plans within 4-6 weeks of your deposit and at 8-10 weeks you should expect your building to arrive on location.
  • Does buying a steel building save money versus traditional construction?
    Prefab steel buildings are one of the most economical options for building a new building. Being designed for a specific project and needs, there is very little waste in materals and the erection process is efficient, saving money on both materials and labor. Steel buildings also have minor maintenance compared to other structures, saving more money over the long term.
  • Who is responsible for unloading the building when they arrive?
    Unloading of material is the responsiblity of the owner or contractor involved with the project. You will need to make arrangements to have the right sized equipment and an unloading plan for when your building is delivered.
  • What methods are used to insulate my steel building?
    There are multiple insulation solutions available from fiberglass to spray foam insulation. Please consult your US Steel Buildings Project Manager to discuss what we offer to meet the designed/required R-values in your area.
  • Am I able to erect a steel building myself?
    Depending on the type and size of building you design and purchase from US Steel Buildings and your skill set, erecting the building yourself is a good option and saves money. For our bolt-up buildings, we supply a construction package with videos that demonstates how our buildings go together. US Steel Buildings has crews available to erect buildings if you are not comfortable with the task. Please reach out to your Project Manager to see if we would be able to assist in your construction of the steel building.
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